PoMoS (1.1)

Polynomial (ordinary differential equation) Model Search.


PoMoS-package aims to determine from a set of N time series the optimal polynomial structure of a model built on first-order ordinary differential equations. The core of the package is based on the poMoS function: an evolutionary algorithm combined with a least square fitting. Optimality is estimated with AIC (Akaike, 1974) or AIC-like criterions. Although efficient in its selection, the identification of the optimal structure cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, both selected and rejected models are reconsidered after optimal solutions are obtained from the evolutionary algorithm for another analysis. This analysis is based on a statistical evaluation of the regressors' quality.

Maintainer: Drapeau L.
Author(s): Mangiarotti S., Coudret R., Drapeau L.

License: CeCILL-2

Uses: cairoDevice, igraph, RGtk2

Released over 9 years ago.