PopED (0.3.0)

Population (and Individual) Optimal Experimental Design.


Optimal experimental designs for both population and individual studies based on nonlinear mixed-effect models. Often this is based on a computation of the Fisher Information Matrix (FIM). This package was developed for pharmacometric problems, and examples and predefined models are available for these types of systems.

Maintainer: Andrew Hooker
Author(s): Andrew C. Hooker [aut, cre, trl, cph], Sebastian Ueckert [aut] (MATLAB version), Marco Foracchia [aut] (O-Matrix version), Joakim Nyberg [aut] (MATLAB version), Eric Stroemberg [ctb] (MATLAB version)

License: LGPL (>= 3)

Uses: codetools, dplyr, ggplot2, MASS, mvtnorm, nlme, Hmisc, testthat, GA

Released almost 4 years ago.