PopGenReport (2.2)

A Simple Framework to Analyse Population Genetic Data.


Provides beginner friendly framework to analyse population genetic data. It uses 'knitr' to create comprehensive reports on spatial genetic data. For detailed information how to use the package refer to the comprehensive tutorials or visit www.popgenreport.org.

Maintainer: Bernd Gruber,
Author(s): Bernd Gruber [aut, cre], Aaron Adamack [aut]

License: GPL

Uses: ade4, adegenet, calibrate, data.table, dismo, gap, gdistance, genetics, GGally, ggplot2, knitr, lattice, mmod, pegas, plyr, R.utils, raster, reshape, rgdal, RgoogleMaps, sp, vegan, xtable
Reverse suggests: dartR

Released over 4 years ago.