PopGenome (2.7.1)

An Efficient Swiss Army Knife for Population Genomic Analyses.


Provides efficient tools for population genomics data analysis, able to process individual loci, large sets of loci, or whole genomes. PopGenome not only implements a wide range of population genetics statistics, but also facilitates the easy implementation of new algorithms by other researchers. PopGenome is optimized for speed via the seamless integration of C code.

Maintainer: Bastian Pfeifer
Author(s): Bastian Pfeifer [aut, cre], Ulrich Wittelsbuerger [ctb], Heng Li [ctb], Bob Handsaker [ctb]

License: GPL-3

Uses: ff, bigmemory, BASIX, WhopGenome, BlockFeST
Reverse suggests: BlockFeST, coala

Released 10 months ago.