ProjectTemplate (0.6)

Automates the creation of new statistical analysis projects..

ProjectTemplate provides functions to automatically build a directory structure for a new R project. Using this structure, ProjectTemplate automates data loading, preprocessing, library importing and unit testing.

Maintainer: Kirill Müller
Author(s): Aleksandar Blagotic [ctb], Diego Valle-Jones [ctb], Jeffrey Breen [ctb], Joakim Lundborg [ctb], John Myles White [aut, cph], Josh Bode [ctb], Kenton White [ctb], Kirill Mueller [ctb, cre], Matteo Redaelli [ctb], Noah Lorang [ctb], Patrick Schalk [ctb]

License: Artistic-2.0

Uses: DBI, RJDBC, RMySQL, RODBC, RSQLite, foreign, gdata, ggplot2, pixmap, reshape, tuneR, data.table, RPostgreSQL, plyr, stringr, testthat, xlsx, lubridate, log4r, whisker, GetoptLong
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Released over 5 years ago.