RAdwords (0.1.12)

Loading Google Adwords Data into R.


Aims at loading Google Adwords data into R. Adwords is an online advertising service that enables advertisers to display advertising copy to web users (see for more information). Therefore the package implements three main features. First, the package provides an authentication process for R with the Google Adwords API (see for more information) via OAUTH2. Second, the package offers an interface to apply the Adwords query language in R and query the Adwords API with ad-hoc reports. Third, the received data are transformed into suitable data formats for further data processing and data analysis.

Maintainer: Johannes Burkhardt
Author(s): Johannes Burkhardt <johannes.burkhardt@gmail.com>, Matthias Bannert <matthias.bannert@gmail.com>

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: RCurl, rjson

Released over 2 years ago.