RClone (1.0)

Partially Clonal Populations Analysis.


R version of 'GenClone' (a computer program to analyse genotypic data, test for clonality and describe spatial clonal organization, Arnaud-Haond & Belkhir 2007, ), this package allows clone handling as 'GenClone' does, plus the possibility to work with several populations, MultiLocus Lineages (MLL) custom definition and use, and p-value calculation for psex statistic (probability of originating from distinct sexual events) and psex_Fis statistic (taking account of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium departure) as 'MLGsim'/'MLGsim2' (a program for detecting clones using a simulation approach, Stenberg et al. 2003).

Maintainer: Diane Bailleul
Author(s): Sophie Arnaud-Haond [aut], Diane Bailleul [aut, cre], CLONIX [ctb]

License: GPL (>= 2.0)

Uses: knitr, pander
Reverse suggests: poppr

Released about 4 years ago.