RDFTensor (1.1)

Different Tensor Factorization (Decomposition) Techniques for RDF Tensors (Three-Mode-Tensors).


Different Tensor Factorization techniques suitable for RDF Tensors. RDF Tensors are three-mode-tensors, binary tensors and usually very sparse. Currently implemented methods are 'RESCAL' Maximilian Nickel, Volker Tresp, and Hans-Peter Kriegel (2012) , 'NMU' Daniel D. Lee and H. Sebastian Seung (1999) , 'ALS', Alternating Least Squares 'parCube' Papalexakis, Evangelos, C. Faloutsos, and N. Sidiropoulos (2012) , 'CP_APR' C. Chi and T. G. Kolda (2012) . The code is mostly converted from MATLAB and Python implementations of these methods. The package also contains functions to get Boolean (Binary) transformation of the real-number-decompositions. These methods also are for general tensors, so with few modifications they can be applied for other types of tensor.

Maintainer: Abdelmoneim Amer Desouki
Author(s): Abdelmoneim Amer Desouki

License: GPL-3

Uses: Matrix, pracma

Released 6 months ago.