RDS (0.8-0)

Respondent-Driven Sampling.


Provides functionality for carrying out estimation with data collected using Respondent-Driven Sampling. This includes Heckathorn's RDS-I and RDS-II estimators as well as Gile's Sequential Sampling estimator. The package is part of the "RDS Analyst" suite of packages for the analysis of respondent-driven sampling data.

Maintainer: Mark S. Handcock
Author(s): Mark S. Handcock [aut, cre], Krista J. Gile [aut], Ian E. Fellows [aut], W. Whipple Neely [aut]

License: LGPL-2.1

Uses: anytime, ergm, ggplot2, gridExtra, Hmisc, igraph, isotone, network, reshape2, scales, survey, testthat

Released about 2 years ago.