RGraphics (2.0-13)

Data and Functions from the Book R Graphics, Second Edition.


Data and Functions from the book R Graphics, Second Edition. There is a function to produce each figure in the book, plus several functions, classes, and methods defined in Chapter 8.

Maintainer: Paul Murrell
Author(s): Paul Murrell

License: GPL

Uses: ggplot2, lattice, CircStats, Hmisc, RColorBrewer, RGraphics, Rcmdr, TeachingDemos, XML, agricolae, circular, cluster, colorspace, dichromat, gWidgetsRGtk2, gWidgets, gplots, grImport, graph, gridBase, igraph, iplots, ipred, latticeExtra, mapdata, maps, maptools, misc3d, network, oz, party, pixmap, playwith, plotrix, pmg, quantmod, rggobi, rgl, scatterplot3d, sp, vcd, animation, rgdal, diagram, hexbin, vrmlgen, munsell, MASS, venneuler, symbols, vcdExtra, gridExtra, png, raster, soiltexture, openair, gridSVG
Reverse depends: sparkTable
Reverse suggests: gridExtra, RGraphics

Released almost 4 years ago.