RJSONIO (0.96-0)

Serialize R objects to JSON, JavaScript Object Notation.


This is a package that allows conversion to and from data in Javascript object notation (JSON) format. This allows R objects to be inserted into Javascript/ECMAScript/ActionScript code and allows R programmers to read and convert JSON content to R objects. This is an alternative to rjson package. That version was too slow for converting large R objects to JSON and is not extensible, but a very useful prototype. It is fast for parsing. This package uses methods, vectorized operations and C code and callbacks to R functions for deserializing JSON objects to R. Verison 0.4 of this package uses a new native parser, implements the transformation code in C and allocates memory efficiently (rather than concatenating because of event driven parsing). The result is a significantly faster parsing of large JSON documents.

Maintainer: Duncan Temple Lang
Author(s): Duncan Temple Lang

License: BSD

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: audiolyzR, BayesFactor, bigml, datamart, factualR, FAOSTAT, googleVis, gridSVG, GuardianR, infochimps, LightningR, opencpu.encode, pxR, R4CouchDB, rAltmetric, rbiouml, Rcolombos, rebird, restimizeapi, rfisheries, RgoogleMaps, rImpactStory, rmongodb, RNaviCell, ropensecretsapi, rPython, RSelenium, RStackExchange, RXKCD, SynergizeR, tabplotd3, TradeStrategyAnalyzer, tumblR, twitteR, VideoComparison, WDI, weatherr
Reverse suggests: CodeDepends, exams, fbRanks, leaflet, matR, plotKML, pxweb, skeleSim, switchr, taRifx.geo, websockets

Released about 8 years ago.