RJSONIO (0.3-1)

Serialize R objects to JSON, JavaScript Object Notation.


This is a package that allows conversion to and from data in Javascript object notation (JSON) format. This allows R objects to be inserted into Javascript/ECMAScript/ActionScript code and allows R programmers to read and convert JSON content to R objects. This is an alternative to rjson package. That version is too slow for large data and not extensible, but a very useful prototype. This package uses methods, vectorized operations and C code and callbacks to R functions for deserializing JSON objects to R. In the future, we will implement the deserialization in C. There are some routines that can be used now for particular array types.

Maintainer: Duncan Temple Lang
Author(s): Duncan Temple Lang

License: BSD

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: audiolyzR, BayesFactor, bigml, datamart, factualR, FAOSTAT, googleVis, gridSVG, GuardianR, infochimps, LightningR, opencpu.encode, pxR, R4CouchDB, rAltmetric, rbiouml, Rcolombos, rebird, restimizeapi, rfisheries, RgoogleMaps, rImpactStory, rmongodb, RNaviCell, ropensecretsapi, rPython, RSelenium, RStackExchange, RXKCD, SynergizeR, tabplotd3, TradeStrategyAnalyzer, tumblR, twitteR, VideoComparison, WDI, weatherr
Reverse suggests: CodeDepends, exams, fbRanks, leaflet, matR, plotKML, pxweb, skeleSim, switchr, taRifx.geo, websockets

Released over 9 years ago.