RKEEL (1.1.15)

Using Keel in R Code.


KEEL is a popular Java software for a large number of different knowledge data discovery tasks. This package takes the advantages of KEEL and R, allowing to use KEEL algorithms in simple R code. The implemented R code layer between R and KEEL makes easy both using KEEL algorithms in R as implementing new algorithms for 'RKEEL' in a very simple way. It includes more than 100 algorithms for classification, regression and preprocess, which allows a more complete experimentation process. For more information about KEEL, see .

Maintainer: Jose Moyano
Author(s): Jose M. Moyano [aut, cre], Luciano Sanchez Ramos [aut], Oliver Sanchez Marin [ctb]

License: GPL

Uses: arules, doParallel, foreach, gdata, Matrix, pmml, R6, RKEELdata, RKEELjars, XML

Released 9 months ago.