RNeo4j (1.6.2)

Neo4j Driver for R.


Neo4j, a graph database, allows users to store their data as a property graph. A graph consists of nodes that are connected by relationships; both nodes and relationships can have properties, or key-value pairs. RNeo4j is Neo4j's R driver. It allows users to read and write data from and to Neo4j directly from their R environment by exposing an interface for interacting with nodes, relationships, paths, and more. Most notably, it allows users to retrieve Cypher query results as R data frames, where Cypher is Neo4j's graph query language. Visit to learn more about Neo4j.

Maintainer: Nicole White
Author(s): Nicole White

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: httr, RJSONIO, rstudioapi, testthat

Released about 4 years ago.