RcmdrPlugin.EZR (1.34)

R Commander Plug-in for the EZR (Easy R) Package.

http://www.nature.com/bmt/journal/vaop/ncurrent/pdf/bmt2012244a.pdf http://www.jichi.ac.jp/saitama-sct/SaitamaHP.files/statmedEN.html

EZR (Easy R) adds a variety of statistical functions, including survival analyses, ROC analyses, metaanalyses, sample size calculation, and so on, to the R commander. EZR enables point-and-click easy access to statistical functions, especially for medical statistics. EZR is platform-independent and runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and UNIX. Its complete manual is available only in Japanese (Chugai Igakusha, ISBN: 978-4-498-10901-8 or Nankodo, ISBN: 978-4-524-26158-1), but an report that introduced the investigation of EZR was published in Bone Marrow Transplantation (Nature Publishing Group) as an Open article. This report can be used as a simple manual. It can be freely downloaded from the journal website as shown below.

Maintainer: Yoshinobu Kanda
Author(s): Yoshinobu Kanda

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Rcmdr, abind, aod, aplpack, car, clinfun, cmprsk, foreign, meta, multcomp, mvtnorm, optmatch, pROC, metatest, tableone, readxl

Released 7 months ago.