Rdistance (2.1.1)

Analyses for Distance-Sampling and Abundance Estimation.


Distance-sampling is a popular method for abundance estimation in ecology. This package contains functions and associated routines to analyze distance-sampling data collected on point or line transects. It accommodates line and point transect analyses in one routine that accepts a regression-like formula object. Abundance routines perform automated bootstrapping and automated detection-function selection. Overall (study area) and site-level (transect or point) abundance estimates are available. A large suite of classical, parametric detection functions are included. Some uncommon (e.g., Gamma, negative exponential) detection functions are also included and users can define their own custom detection functions if needed. One form of non-parametric smoothed distance function is included. The help files and vignettes have been vetted by multiple authors and tested in multiple workshop settings.

Maintainer: Trent McDonald
Author(s): c( person("Trent", "McDonald", email="tmcdonald@west-inc.com", role=c("cre","aut")), person("Ryan", "Nielson", email="rnielson@west-inc.com", role=c("aut")), person("Jason", "Carlisle", email="jcarlisle@west-inc.com", role=c("aut")), person("Aidan", "McDonald", email="aidan@mcdcentral.org", role=c("aut")), person("Ben", "Augustine", email="", role=c("ctb")), person("James", "Griswald", email="", role=c("ctb")), person("Joel", "Reynolds", email="", role=c("ctb")), person("Pham", "Quang", email="", role=c("ctb")), person("Earl", "Becker", email="", role=c("ctb")), person("Aaron", "Christ", email="", role=c("ctb")), person("Brook", "Russelland", email="", role=c("ctb")), person("Patrick", "McKann", email="", role=c("ctb")), person("Lacey", "Jeroue", email="", role=c("ctb")), person("Hoffman", "Abigail", email="", role=c("ctb")), person("Kleinsausser", "Michael", email="", role=c("ctb")) )

License: GNU General Public License

Uses: knitr, rmarkdown

Released almost 2 years ago.