Rnightlights (0.2.0)

Satellite Nightlight Data Extraction.


Extracts raster and zonal statistics from satellite nightlight rasters downloaded from the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration () free data repositories. Both the DMSP-OLS annual and SNPP-VIIRS monthly nightlight raster data are supported. Satellite nightlight raster tiles are downloaded and cropped to the country boundaries using shapefiles from the GADM database of Global Administrative Areas (). Zonal statistics are then calculated at the lowest administrative boundary for the selected country and cached locally for future retrieval. Finally, a simple data explorer/browser is included that allows one to visualize the cached data e.g. graphing, mapping and clustering regional data.

Maintainer: Christopher Njuguna
Author(s): Christopher Njuguna [aut, cre, cph]

License: GPL-3

Uses: cleangeo, data.table, doSNOW, dplyr, ff, ffbase, foreach, gdalUtils, lubridate, R.utils, raster, readr, reshape2, rgdal, rgeos, rvest, rworldmap, settings, snow, sp, stringr, xml2, RColorBrewer, ggplot2, testthat, ggdendro, shiny, dendextend, shinydashboard, DT, leaflet, plotly

Released almost 2 years ago.