Ropj (0.1-1)

Import Origin(R) Project Files.

Read the data from Origin(R) project files ('*.opj') . For now, only spreadsheet objects are imported as data frames and no export is planned. More object types may be available to be imported later.

Maintainer: Ivan Krylov
Author(s): Miquel Garriga [aut, cph], Stefan Gerlach [aut, cph], Ion Vasilief [aut, cph], Alex Kargovsky [aut, cph], Knut Franke [ctb, cph], Alexander Semke [ctb, cph], Tilman Benkert [ctb, cph], Kasper Peeters [ctb, cph], Russell Standish [ctb, cph], Ivan Krylov [cre, cph]

License: GPL (>= 3)

Uses: Rcpp

Released 9 months ago.