SDraw (2.1.8)

Spatially Balanced Samples of Spatial Objects.

Routines for drawing samples from spatial objects, focused on spatially balanced algorithms. Draws Halton Iterative Partition (HIP) (Robertson et al., 2018; ), Balanced Acceptance Samples (BAS) (Robertson et al., 2013; ), Generalized Random Tessellation Stratified (GRTS) (Stevens and Olsen, 2004; ), Simple Systematic Samples (SSS) and Simple Random Samples (SRS) from point, line, and polygon resources. Frames are 'SpatialPoints', 'SpatialLines', or 'SpatialPolygons' objects from package 'sp'.

Maintainer: Trent McDonald
Author(s): Trent McDonald [cre, aut], Aidan McDonald [aut] (HIP sampling methods), Michael Kleinsausser [ctb]

License: GNU General Public License

Uses: deldir, rgeos, sp, spsurvey, knitr

Released about 1 year ago.