SP2000 (0.0.6)

Catalogue of Life Toolkit.


A programmatic interface to , re-written based on an accompanying 'Species 2000' API. Access tables describing catalogue of the Chinese known species of animals, plants, fungi, micro-organisms, and more. This package also supports access to catalogue of life global and catalogue of life Taiwan . The development of 'SP2000' package was supported by Yunnan University's Research Innovation Fund for Graduate Students.

Maintainer: Liuyong Ding
Author(s): Liuyong Ding [aut, cre], Minrui Huang [ctb], Ke Yang [ctb], Jun Wang [ctb], Juan Tao [ctb], Chengzhi Ding [ctb], Daming He [ctb]

License: Artistic-2.0

Uses: jsonlite, pbmcapply, purrr, rlist, tibble, XML, testthat

Released 16 days ago.