Spbsampling (1.1.0)

Spatially Balanced Sampling.


Selection of spatially balanced samples. In particular, the implemented sampling designs allow to select probability samples spread over the population of interest, in any dimension and using any distance function (e.g. Euclidean distance, Manhattan distance). For more details, Benedetti R and Piersimoni F (2017) and Benedetti R and Piersimoni F (2017) . The implementation has been done in C++ through the use of 'Rcpp' and 'RcppArmadillo'.

Maintainer: Francesco Pantalone
Author(s): Francesco Pantalone [aut, cre], Roberto Benedetti [aut], Federica Piersimoni [aut]

License: GPL-3

Uses: Rcpp, Rdpack

Released 11 months ago.