TAM (3.1-45)

Test Analysis Modules.


Includes marginal maximum likelihood estimation and joint maximum likelihood estimation for unidimensional and multidimensional item response models. The package functionality covers the Rasch model, 2PL model, 3PL model, generalized partial credit model, multi-faceted Rasch model, nominal item response model, structured latent class model, mixture distribution IRT models, and located latent class models. Latent regression models and plausible value imputation are also supported. For details see Adams, Wilson and Wang, 1997 , Adams, Wilson and Wu, 1997 , Formann, 1982 , Formann, 1992 .

Maintainer: Alexander Robitzsch
Author(s): Alexander Robitzsch [aut, cre], Thomas Kiefer [aut], Margaret Wu [aut]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: CDM, coda, MASS, mvtnorm, Rcpp, sfsmisc, GPArotation, lattice, psych, plyr, lavaan, sirt, miceadds, WrightMap, LSAmitR
Reverse depends: sirt
Reverse suggests: BIFIEsurvey, CDM, immer, LAM, LSAmitR, miceadds
Reverse enhances: CDM

Released 8 months ago.