TDA (1.6.9)

Statistical Tools for Topological Data Analysis.

Tools for the statistical analysis of persistent homology and for density clustering. For that, this package provides an R interface for the efficient algorithms of the C++ libraries 'GUDHI' , 'Dionysus' , and 'PHAT' . This package also implements the methods in Fasy et al. (2014) and Chazal et al. (2014) for analyzing the statistical significance of persistent homology features.

Maintainer: Jisu Kim
Author(s): Brittany T. Fasy, Jisu Kim, Fabrizio Lecci, Clement Maria, David L. Millman, Vincent Rouvreau. The included GUDHI is authored by Clement Maria, Dionysus by Dmitriy Morozov, and PHAT by Ulrich Bauer, Michael Kerber, and Jan Reininghaus.

License: GPL-3

Uses: FNN, igraph, Rcpp, scales, testthat, lintr
Reverse suggests: archiDART, kernelTDA

Released 4 months ago.