TSP (1.1-1)

Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP).


Basic infrastructure and some algorithms for the traveling salesperson problem (also traveling salesman problem; TSP). The package provides some simple algorithms and an interface to the Concorde TSP solver and its implementation of the Chained-Lin-Kernighan heuristic. Concorde itself is not included in the package and has to be obtained separately from http://www.math.uwaterloo.ca/tsp/concorde.html.

Maintainer: Michael Hahsler
Author(s): Michael Hahsler [aut, cre, cph], Kurt Hornik [aut, cph]

License: GPL-3

Uses: foreach, maps, maptools, sp, testthat
Reverse depends: extracat, PairViz, penDvine, seriation, tspmeta, vines
Reverse suggests: archetypes, condvis, VineCopula

Released almost 5 years ago.