TipDatingBeast (1.1-0)

Using Tip Dates with Phylogenetic Trees in BEAST.


Assists performing tip-dating of phylogenetic trees with BEAST BEAST is a popular software for phylogenetic analysis. The package assists the implementation of various phylogenetic tip- dating tests using BEAST. It contains two main functions. The first one allows preparing date randomization analyses, which assess the temporal signal of a data set. The second function allows performing leave-one-out analyses, which test for the consistency between independent calibration sequences and allow pinpointing those leading to potential bias. The included tutorial provides detailed step-by-step instructions. An expanded description of the package can be found in article: Rieux, A. and Khatchikian, C.E. (2017), TIPDATINGBEAST: an R package to assist the implementation of phylogenetic tip-dating tests using BEAST. Molecular Ecology Resources, 17: 608-613. .

Maintainer: Camilo Khatchikian
Author(s): Adrien Rieux, Camilo Khatchikian

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: DescTools, mclust, TeachingDemos

Released about 1 month ago.