Traitspace (1.0)

A Predictive Model for Trait Based Community Assembly of Plant Species.

Implements a predictive model of community assembly called 'Traitspace' (Laughlin et al. 2012, Ecology Letters). Traitspace is a hierarchical Bayesian model that translates the theory of trait-based environmental filtering into a statistical model that incorporates intraspecific trait variation to predict the relative abundances and the distributions of species. The package includes functions to plot the predicted and the observed values. It also includes functions to compare the predicted values against the observed values using a variety of different distance measures and to implement permutation tests to test their statistical significance.

Maintainer: Chaitanya Joshi
Author(s): Chaitanya Joshi, Xin Li, Daniel Laughlin

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: mclust, permute

Released over 4 years ago.