TreeBUGS (1.1.1)

Hierarchical Multinomial Processing Tree Modeling.

User-friendly analysis of hierarchical multinomial processing tree (MPT) models that are often used in cognitive psychology. Implements the latent-trait MPT approach (Klauer, 2010) and the beta-MPT approach (Smith & Batchelder, 2010) to model heterogeneity of participants. MPT models are conveniently specified by an .eqn-file as used by other MPT software and data are provided by a .csv-file or directly in R. Models are either fitted by calling JAGS or by an MPT-tailored Gibbs sampler in C++ (only for nonhierarchical and beta MPT models). Provides tests of heterogeneity and MPT-tailored summaries and plotting functions.

Maintainer: Daniel Heck
Author(s): Daniel Heck [aut, cre], Nina Arnold [aut, dtc], Denis Arnold [aut], Alexander Ly [ctb]

License: GPL-2

Uses: coda, hypergeo, MASS, Rcpp, rjags, runjags, testthat, knitr

Released over 2 years ago.