VFP (1.1)

Variance Function Program.


Variance function estimation for models proposed by W. Sadler in his variance function program ('VFP', ). Here, the idea is to fit multiple variance functions to a data set and consequently assess which function reflects the relationship 'Var ~ Mean' best. For 'in-vitro diagnostic' ('IVD') assays modeling this relationship is of great importance when individual test-results are used for defining follow-up treatment of patients.

Maintainer: Andre Schuetzenmeister
Author(s): Andre Schuetzenmeister [cre, aut], Florian Dufey [aut], Andrea Geistanger [ctb]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: gnm, MASS, RUnit, VCA
Reverse suggests: VCA

Released 5 months ago.