XML (3.98-1.10)

Tools for Parsing and Generating XML Within R and S-Plus.


Many approaches for both reading and creating XML (and HTML) documents (including DTDs), both local and accessible via HTTP or FTP. Also offers access to an 'XPath' "interpreter".

Maintainer: ORPHANED
Author(s): Duncan Temple Lang and the CRAN Team

License: BSD_2_clause + file LICENSE

Uses: bitops, RCurl
Reverse depends: acs, anametrix, apsimr, Autoplotprotein, AWS.tools, betfairly, BioIDMapper, biorxivr, bReeze, CADStat, caMassClass, cimis, compareODM, CSS, datamart, dataone, decctools, defrostR, delftfews, dvn, easyPubMed, EcoHydRology, EIAdata, epxToR, flora, geoPlot, gnumeric, googlePublicData, graphicsQC, gridSVG, grImport, hive, hkex.api, imguR, ips, iSubpathwayMiner, MALDIquantForeign, metrumrg, MIfuns, mseapca, msProcess, MTurkR, MUCflights, NanoStringNorm, nytR, ODB, odfWeave, ODMconverter, ONETr, OpenRepGrid, oro.nifti, osmar, PBSmodelling, phenology, pitchRx, plotKML, plotprotein, pMineR, pmml, pmxTools, pumilioR, pvsR, qat, Quandl, R2SWF, R4CDISC, RcmdrPlugin.TextMining, RDML, readMETEO, readMzXmlData, rentrez, Reol, review, rFDSN, RFinanceYJ, RForcecom, rgexf, rgrass7, rHpcc, rImpactStory, RLastFM, Rlinkedin, RNCBI, rneos, rNOMADS, rpubchem, RSDA, RSelenium, RTDAmeritrade, RTest, RWeather, RWebMA, RXMCDA, Ryacas, scrapeR, SequenceAnalysis, SocrataR, soilDB, sos4R, SPARQL, spGoogle, spgrass6, StatDataML, SubpathwayGMir, support.CEs, SVGMapping, symbolicDA, tm, tm.plugin.webmining, ungeneanno, UScensus2000add, VarfromPDB, vegdata, waterData, WDI, weatherr, WikipediaR, YjdnJlp
Reverse suggests: aqp, arules, ballr, bio3d, BoolNet, BoSSA, bReeze, creditmodel, ctv, cycleRtools, dcemriS4, diseasemapping, dismo, Ecdat, ecospat, exams, fbRanks, FinancialInstrument, frbs, gemtc, germinationmetrics, graph, gridSVG, GSIF, HelpersMG, htmlTable, httr, icd9, igraph, installr, io, ISIPTA, knitr, kulife, logging, loggle, mcr, MIfuns, mlr, mlxR, Mobilize, mrgsolve, nat, Ohmage, oro.nifti, pacman, partykit, PBSmodelling, PGRdup, phenology, plumber, QCA, QCAGUI, quanteda, quantmod, R2SWF, randomForestSRC, randomSurvivalForest, rattle, raw, RCurl, rdwd, Renext, rgeos, RGraphics, RObsDat, rplos, RSurvey, RUnit, selectr, semPLS, SentimentAnalysis, soilDB, spartan, SPMS, SubpathwayLNCE, svgPanZoom, svUnit, TCGAretriever, tidycells, tidytext, tm, tm.plugin.dc, topicmodels, trackeR, websearchr, WikipediR
Reverse enhances: diseasemapping, kulife, selectr, svgPanZoom

Released almost 2 years ago.