XML (3.2-0)

Tools for parsing and generating XML within R and S-Plus..


This package provides many approaches for both reading and creating XML (and HTML) documents (including DTDs), both local and accessible via HTTP or FTP. It also offers access to an XPath "interpreter".

Maintainer: Duncan Temple Lang
Author(s): Duncan Temple Lang (duncan@wald.ucdavis.edu)

License: BSD

Uses: bitops
Reverse depends: acs, anametrix, apsimr, Autoplotprotein, AWS.tools, betfairly, BioIDMapper, biorxivr, bReeze, CADStat, caMassClass, cimis, compareODM, CSS, datamart, dataone, decctools, defrostR, delftfews, dvn, easyPubMed, EcoHydRology, EIAdata, epxToR, flora, geoPlot, gnumeric, googlePublicData, graphicsQC, gridSVG, grImport, hive, hkex.api, imguR, ips, iSubpathwayMiner, MALDIquantForeign, metrumrg, MIfuns, mseapca, msProcess, MTurkR, MUCflights, NanoStringNorm, nytR, ODB, odfWeave, ODMconverter, ONETr, OpenRepGrid, oro.nifti, osmar, PBSmodelling, phenology, pitchRx, plotKML, plotprotein, pMineR, pmml, pmxTools, pumilioR, pvsR, qat, Quandl, R2SWF, R4CDISC, RcmdrPlugin.TextMining, RDML, readMETEO, readMzXmlData, rentrez, Reol, review, rFDSN, RFinanceYJ, RForcecom, rgexf, rgrass7, rHpcc, rImpactStory, RLastFM, Rlinkedin, RNCBI, rneos, rNOMADS, rpubchem, RSDA, RSelenium, RTDAmeritrade, RTest, RWeather, RWebMA, RXMCDA, Ryacas, scrapeR, SequenceAnalysis, SocrataR, soilDB, sos4R, SPARQL, spGoogle, spgrass6, StatDataML, SubpathwayGMir, support.CEs, SVGMapping, symbolicDA, tm, tm.plugin.webmining, ungeneanno, UScensus2000add, VarfromPDB, vegdata, waterData, WDI, weatherr, WikipediaR, YjdnJlp
Reverse suggests: aqp, arules, ballr, bio3d, BoolNet, BoSSA, bReeze, creditmodel, ctv, cycleRtools, dcemriS4, diseasemapping, dismo, Ecdat, ecospat, exams, fbRanks, FinancialInstrument, frbs, gemtc, germinationmetrics, graph, gridSVG, GSIF, HelpersMG, htmlTable, httr, icd9, igraph, installr, io, ISIPTA, knitr, kulife, logging, loggle, mcr, MIfuns, mlr, mlxR, Mobilize, mrgsolve, nat, Ohmage, oro.nifti, pacman, partykit, PBSmodelling, PGRdup, phenology, plumber, QCA, QCAGUI, quanteda, quantmod, R2SWF, randomForestSRC, randomSurvivalForest, rattle, raw, RCurl, rdwd, Renext, rgeos, RGraphics, RObsDat, rplos, RSurvey, RUnit, selectr, semPLS, SentimentAnalysis, soilDB, spartan, SPMS, SubpathwayLNCE, svgPanZoom, svUnit, TCGAretriever, tidycells, tidytext, tm, tm.plugin.dc, topicmodels, trackeR, websearchr, WikipediR
Reverse enhances: diseasemapping, kulife, selectr, svgPanZoom

Released over 9 years ago.