aSPU (1.38)

Adaptive Sum of Powered Score Test.

R codes for the (adaptive) Sum of Powered Score ('SPU' and 'aSPU') tests, inverse variance weighted Sum of Powered score ('SPUw' and 'aSPUw') tests and gene-based and some pathway based association tests (Pathway based Sum of Powered Score tests ('SPUpath') and adaptive 'SPUpath' ('aSPUpath') test, Gene-based Association Test that uses an extended Simes procedure ('GATES'), Hybrid Set-based Test ('HYST'), extended version of 'GATES' test for pathway-based association testing ('Gates-Simes'). ). The tests can be used with genetic and other data sets with covariates. The response variable is binary or quantitative.

Maintainer: Il-Youp Kwak
Author(s): Il-Youp Kwak and others (See Author(s) in each function manual)

License: GPL-3

Uses: gee, MASS, knitr
Reverse depends: MiSPU

Released almost 4 years ago.