adegenet (1.4-0)

adegenet: an R package for the exploratory analysis of genetic and genomic data..

Classes and functions for genetic data analysis within the multivariate framework.

Maintainer: Thibaut Jombart
Author(s): Thibaut Jombart, Caitlin Collins, Peter Solymos, Ismail Ahmed, Federico Calboli, Anne Cori

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: ade4, ape, ggplot2, igraph, MASS, shiny, adehabitat, akima, genetics, hierfstat, maps, seqinr, spdep, splancs, tripack, pegas
Reverse depends: adephylo, coalescentMCMC, dartR, epibase, mmod, outbreaker, pegas, PopGenReport, poppr, StAMPP, strataG
Reverse suggests: EcoGenetics, hierfstat, HWxtest, memgene, polysat, popprxl, quiddich, readGenalex, vcfR

Released over 5 years ago.