agricolae (1.0-8)

Statistical Procedures for Agricultural Research.

Agricolae was presented on 28 August 2009 in the thesis "A statistical analysis tool for agricultural research" to obtain the degree of Master on science, mention Systems Engineering, of the facultad de ingenieria industrial y de sistemas - Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria, Lima-Peru (UNI), being approved with the qualification of 18.14 in a scale from 0 to 20. The thesis includes a satisfaction survey of the library, with an index quality of the software of 0.8 in scale of 0-1. These functions are currently used by the International Potato Center (CIP), the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM-PERU), and the Instituto Nacional de Innovacion Agraria (INIA-PERU). It comprises the functionality of statistical analysis into experimental designs applied specially in field experiments in agriculture and plant breeding: Lattice, factorial, complete and incomplete block, Latin Square, Graeco, Alpha designs, Cyclic, split and strip plot designs, comparison of multi-location trials, comparison between treatments, resampling, simulation, biodiversity indexes and consensus cluster.

Maintainer: Felipe de Mendiburu
Author(s): Felipe de Mendiburu

License: GPL

Uses: akima, klaR, MASS
Reverse depends: RcmdrPlugin.StatisticalURV
Reverse suggests: agridat, jmuOutlier, paleofire, RGraphics, Sleuth2, Sleuth3

Released about 10 years ago.