agridat (1.15)

Agricultural Datasets.

Datasets from books, papers, and websites related to agriculture. Example graphics and analyses are included. Data come from small-plot trials, multi-environment trials, uniformity trials, yield monitors, and more.

Maintainer: Kevin Wright
Author(s): Kevin Wright [aut, cre] (<>)

License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Uses: HH, NADA, agricolae, betareg, car, coin, corrgram, effects, gam, ggplot2, gnm, latticeExtra, lattice, lme4, mapproj, maps, mgcv, nlme, pls, pscl, qtl, sp, survival, vcd, FrF2, equivalence, gstat, rgdal, AER, MCMCglmm, metafor, MASS, testthat, ordinal, reshape2, nullabor, pbkrtest, knitr, dplyr, qicharts, broom, lucid, desplot, gge, SpATS, emmeans
Reverse suggests: desplot, gge

Released over 1 year ago.