akima (0.5-12)

Interpolation of Irregularly and Regularly Spaced Data.


Several cubic spline interpolation methods of H. Akima for irregular and regular gridded data are available through this package, both for the bivariate case (irregular data: ACM 526 and ACM 761, regular data: ACM 433) and univariate case (ACM 697). Linear interpolation of irregular gridded data is also covered by reusing D. J. Renkas triangulation code which is part of Akimas Fortran code.

Maintainer: Albrecht Gebhardt
Author(s): Hiroshi Akima [aut, cph] (Fortran code (TOMS 526, 761, 697 and 433)), Albrecht Gebhardt [aut, cre, cph] (R port (interp* functions), bicubic* functions), Thomas Petzold [ctb, cph] (aspline function), Martin Maechler [ctb, cph] (interp2xyz function + enhancements), YYYY Association for Computing Machinery, Inc. [cph] (covers code from TOMS 526, 761, 697 and 433)

License: ACM | file LICENSE

Uses: sp
Reverse depends: aratio, asbio, BayesX, clim.pact, cyclones, DATforDCEMRI, earlywarnings, ecespa, EDR, esd4all, FGN, fractal, gam, GAMens, GEOmap, intamap, kobe, labdsv, locfit, LogConcDEAD, nlts, OUwie, PACE, portes, qqplotter, R2BayesX, rgr, spikeSlabGAM, StatDA, StatFingerprints
Reverse suggests: adegenet, agricolae, asbio, autoimage, bamlss, BayesX, BiodiversityR, broom, cyclones, DataVisualizations, DiceEval, DPQ, dynaTree, EDR, elasticIsing, evd, fBasics, fdasrvf, fMultivar, fractal, fUtilities, gam, GRASS, hydrosanity, kobe, laGP, lidR, locfit, mlrMBO, oce, ParamHelpers, plgp, portes, pre, ProFit, ProFound, quantreg, R2BayesX, randomForestSRC, replicationDemos, rerddap, rgr, rioja, rpanel, shotGroups, sm, taRifx.geo, tgp, tripEstimation, vegdata, XGR

Released about 4 years ago.