alphastable (0.1.0)

Inference for Stable Distribution.

Developed to perform the tasks given by the following. 1-computing the probability density function and distribution function of a univariate stable distribution; 2- generating realization from univariate stable, truncated stable, multivariate elliptically contoured stable, and bivariate strictly stable distributions; 3- estimating the parameters of univariate symmetric stable, skew stable, Cauchy, multivariate elliptically contoured stable, and multivariate strictly stable distributions; 4- estimating the parameters of the mixture of symmetric stable and mixture of Cauchy distributions.

Maintainer: Mahdi Teimouri
Author(s): Mahdi Teimouri

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: mvtnorm, nlme, nnls, stabledist, Matrix, RUnit, fBasics, sfsmisc, Rmpfr, FMStable

Released over 1 year ago.