alr3 (2.0.1)

Data to accompany Applied Linear Regression 3rd edition.

This package is a companion to the textbook S. Weisberg (2005), "Applied Linear Regression," 3rd edition, Wiley. It includes all the data sets discussed in the book (except one), and a few functions that are tailored to the methods discussed in the book. As of version 2.0.0, this package depends on the car package. Many functions formerly in alr3 have been renamed and now reside in car. Data files have beeen lightly modified to make some data columns row labels.

Maintainer: Sanford Weisberg
Author(s): Sanford Weisberg <>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: car
Reverse depends: drc, nlrwr, qAnalyst
Reverse suggests: car, CerioliOutlierDetection, fastR, fastR2, HSAUR2, HSAUR3, PairViz

Released over 9 years ago.