auditor (1.0.0)

Model Audit - Verification, Validation, and Error Analysis.

Provides an easy to use unified interface for creating validation plots for any model. The 'auditor' helps to avoid repetitive work consisting of writing code needed to create residual plots. This visualizations allow to asses and compare the goodness of fit, performance, and similarity of models.

Maintainer: Alicja Gosiewska
Author(s): Alicja Gosiewska [aut, cre] (<>), Przemyslaw Biecek [aut, ths] (<>), Hubert Baniecki [aut], Tomasz Mikoajczyk [aut], Michal Burdukiewicz [ctb]

License: GPL

Uses: DALEX, ggplot2, ggrepel, gridExtra, hnp, scales, e1071, mgcv, randomForest, testthat, knitr, jsonlite, rmarkdown, r2d3
Reverse suggests: DALEXtra

Released 2 months ago.