barsurf (0.4.0)

Heatmap-Related Plots and Smooth Multiband Color Interpolation.

Supports combined contour-heat plots and 3D bar/surface plots, for plotting scalar fields, either discretely-spaced or continuously-spaced. Also, supports matrix visualization (per se), isosurfaces (for scalar fields over three variables), triangular plots and vector fields. All plots use static vector graphics (suitable for Sweave documents), but high resolution heatmaps can produce smooth raster-like visual effects. Contains a flexible system for smooth multiband color interpolation in RGB, HSV and HCL color spaces.

Maintainer: Abs Spurdle
Author(s): Abby Spurdle

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: colorspace, kubik, Matrix, misc3d, intoo, vectools
Reverse suggests: intoo, vectools

Released 10 days ago.