batchtools (0.9.5)

Tools for Computation on Batch Systems.

As a successor of the packages 'BatchJobs' and 'BatchExperiments', this package provides a parallel implementation of the Map function for high performance computing systems managed by schedulers 'IBM Spectrum LSF' (), 'OpenLava' (), 'Univa Grid Engine'/'Oracle Grid Engine' (), 'Slurm' (), 'TORQUE/PBS' (), or 'Docker Swarm' (). A multicore and socket mode allow the parallelization on a local machines, and multiple machines can be hooked up via SSH to create a makeshift cluster. Moreover, the package provides an abstraction mechanism to define large-scale computer experiments in a well-organized and reproducible way.

Maintainer: Michel Lang
Author(s): Michel Lang [cre, aut], Bernd Bischl [aut], Dirk Surmann [ctb]

License: LGPL-3

Uses: backports, base64url, brew, checkmate, data.table, digest, progress, R6, rappdirs, stringi, withr, e1071, rpart, snow, testthat, knitr, parallelMap, rmarkdown, ranger, tibble, debugme
Reverse suggests: ldaPrototype, mlr, parallelMap, pulsar, SPOT
Reverse enhances: simpleCache

Released over 2 years ago.