bigmemory (4.5.31)

Manage Massive Matrices with Shared Memory and Memory-Mapped Files.

Create, store, access, and manipulate massive matrices. Matrices are allocated to shared memory and may use memory-mapped files. Packages 'biganalytics', 'bigtabulate', 'synchronicity', and 'bigalgebra' provide advanced functionality.

Maintainer: Jay and Mike
Author(s): Michael J. Kane <>, John W. Emerson <>, Peter Haverty <>, and Charles Determan Jr. <>

License: LGPL-3 | Apache License 2.0

Uses: bigmemory.sri, Rcpp, testthat, knitr
Enhances: biganalytics, bigtabulate
Reverse depends: bigalgebra, biganalytics, bigFastlm, bigKRLS, biglasso, bigpca, bigrf, bigtabulate, Bios2cor, GHap, oem, planor, PUlasso, RghcnV3, Rlinsolve, rMVP, rsgcc
Reverse suggests: bigstatsr, bio3d, cMonkey, epiGWAS, filematrix, LinkedMatrix, mlDNA, nat.nblast, NetRep, NMF, polmineR, PopGenome, raster, rsgcc, sgd, SuperLearner
Reverse enhances: bigmemory.sri, bigrf

Released over 2 years ago.