biospear (1.0.1)

Biomarker Selection in Penalized Regression Models.

Provides some tools for developing and validating prediction models, estimate expected survival of patients and visualize them graphically. Most of the implemented methods are based on penalized regressions such as: the lasso (Tibshirani R (1996)), the elastic net (Zou H et al. (2005) ), the adaptive lasso (Zou H (2006) ), the stability selection (Meinshausen N et al. (2010) ), some extensions of the lasso (Ternes et al. (2016) ), some methods for the interaction setting (Ternes N et al. (2016) ), or others. A function generating simulated survival data set is also provided.

Maintainer: Nils Ternes
Author(s): Nils Ternes [aut, cre], Federico Rotolo [aut], Stefan Michiels [ctr]

License: GPL-2

Uses: cobs, corpcor, devtools, glmnet, grplasso, MASS, Matrix, mboost, pkgconfig, plsRcox, pROC, PRROC, RCurl, survAUC, survival

Released 11 days ago.