bipartite (1.00)

Visualising bipartite networks and calculating some ecological indices..

Bipartite provides functions to viualise webs and calculate a series of indices commonly used to describe pattern in ecological webs. It focusses on webs consisting of only two trophic levels, e.g. pollination webs or predator-prey-webs. Visualisation is important to get an idea of what we are actually looking at, while the indices summarise different aspects of the webs topology.

Maintainer: Carsten F. Dormann
Author(s): Carsten F. Dormann and Bernd Gruber, with additional code from Mariano Devoto, Jochen Fruend, Jose Iriondo and Diego Vazquez, also based on C-code developed by Nils Bluethgen and by Miguel Rodriguez-Girones.

License: GPL

Uses: vegan, fields, sna, spam
Reverse depends: HiveR
Reverse suggests: bipartiteD3, HiveR

Released over 10 years ago.