bitops (1.0-4.2)

Functions for Bitwise operations.

Functions for Bitwise operations on integer vectors.

Maintainer: Steve Dutky
Author(s): S original by Steve Dutky <> initial R port and extensions by Martin Maechler. revised and modified by Steve Dutky

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: apng, bnstruct, caTools, cdb, CHCN, cherry, couchDB, dvn, GENEAread, geozoo, GGIR, googlebigquery, KoNLP, MonetDB.R, MTurkR, muma, oro.nifti, R4CouchDB, RC, RCurl, readMzXmlData
Reverse suggests: census, dcemri, dcemriS4, devtools, GGIR, hashFunction, oro.nifti, pkgload, rattle, XML

Released over 6 years ago.