blocksdesign (2.8)

Nested and Crossed Block Designs for Factorial, Fractional Factorial and Unstructured Treatment Sets.

The 'blocksdesign' package constructs nested block and D-optimal factorial designs for any unstructured or factorial treatment model of any size. The nested block designs can have repeated nesting down to any required depth of nesting with either a simple set of nested blocks or a crossed row-and-column blocks design at each level of nesting. The block design at each level of nesting is optimized for D-efficiency within the blocks of each preceding set of blocks. Outputs include a table showing the allocation of treatments to blocks, a plan layout showing the allocation of treatments within blocks (unstructured treatment designs only) the achieved D-efficiency factors for the block and treatment design (factorial treatment designs only) and, where feasible, an A-efficiency factor and A-efficiency upper bound for the block design (unstructured treatment designs only).

Maintainer: Rodney Edmondson
Author(s): R. N. Edmondson.

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: crossdes

Released over 1 year ago.