bookdown (0.4)

Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown.

Output formats and utilities for authoring books and technical documents with R Markdown.

Maintainer: Yihui Xie
Author(s): Yihui Xie [aut, cre], JJ Allaire [ctb], RStudio Inc [cph], Bartek Szopka [ctb] (The jQuery Highlight plugin), jQuery Foundation [cph] (jQuery library), jQuery contributors [ctb, cph] (jQuery library; authors listed in inst/resources/AUTHORS), MathQuill contributors [ctb] (The MathQuill library; authors listed in inst/resources/AUTHORS), FriendCode Inc [cph, ctb] (The gitbook style, with modifications)

License: GPL-3

Uses: htmltools, knitr, rmarkdown, yaml, shiny, testit, servr, rstudioapi, htmlwidgets, miniUI, tufte, webshot, rsconnect
Reverse suggests: CongreveLamsdell2016, febr, flippant, hesim, hSDM, humidity, huxtable, jSDM, markovchain, microsamplingDesign, nbc4va, plm, prepplot, Quartet, rehh, riskParityPortfolio, RPyGeo, rticles, RWDataPlyr, shadow, SimCorMultRes, SimCorrMix, SimRepeat, slouch, smurf, sparseIndexTracking, spectralGraphTopology, spsur, trade

Released about 2 years ago.