boot (1.3-22)

Bootstrap Functions (Originally by Angelo Canty for S).

Functions and datasets for bootstrapping from the book "Bootstrap Methods and Their Application" by A. C. Davison and D. V. Hinkley (1997, CUP), originally written by Angelo Canty for S.

Maintainer: Brian Ripley
Author(s): Angelo Canty [aut], Brian Ripley [aut, trl, cre] (author of parallel support)

License: Unlimited

Uses: survival, MASS
Reverse depends: addhaz, aods3, aratio, asbio, BACprior, bcROCsurface, biotools, bootES, BSagri, cardidates, catenary, ChemometricsWithR, chngpt, CircStats, circular, classyfire, Comp2ROC, Compind, compositionsGUI, CorrBin, cramer, DAAG, dabestr, dawai, DCluster, dhglm, DLMtool, energy, equivalence, EstimationTools, eventstudies, experiment, FIAR, fishmethods, fishmove, frailtypack, gb, gsg, hdlm, HPbayes, ic.infer, imputeYn, ipw, IUPS, joineR, laeken, lavaan, LCAextend, mdhglm, MDSGUI, mem, MIRL, mixtools, MLPAstats, moveHMM, MplusAutomation, mrt, NegBinBetaBinreg, nFactors, nlrwr, np, npRmpi, Oncotree, ordinalCont, pairwiseCI, pastecs, pgirmess, phase1RMD, plsgenomics, prLogistic, qat, QuantPsyc, quickpsy, R2WinBUGS,, randomLCA, refund, reglogit, relaimpo, rich, rmac, rtip, RVAideMemoire, sampSurf, sdtalt, sensitivity, SGP, shotGroups, simboot, simpleboot, SiZer, spacom, SpatialEpi, SpatialVx, spdep, survrec, TestSurvRec, texteffect, timesboot, titan, tlm, TraMineR, truncSP, VBLPCM, verification, wBoot, Zelig
Reverse suggests: abd, AER, aod, asbio, bayesboot, broom, CaDENCE, car, CARBayes, ChemometricsWithR, cond, DAAG, dominanceanalysis, doRedis, ElemStatLearn, emplik, EnvStats, finalfit, GEVcdn, glmmTMB, gMCP, Greg, GSIF, gsubfn, harvestr, hoa, hrIPW, HSAUR, HSAUR2, HSAUR3, interactionTest, investr, IPSUR, ipw, ISEtools, jaatha, jtools, LambertW, lavaan, lme4, logmult, marg, matrixpls, MaxMC, MBESS, meboot, metafor, mirt, mistat, mvna, nlreg, npsm, optmatch, pgirmess, proftools, ptest, R2HTML, Rcmdr, RcmdrMisc, riskRegression, rms, robustbase, scdhlm, sem, semGOF, semPLS, semTools, SGP, simTool, spdep, table1, Tampo, tranSurv, Wats, WeightIt

Released about 1 month ago.