buildmer (1.2.1)

Stepwise Elimination and Term Reordering for Mixed-Effects Regression.

Finds the largest possible regression model that will still converge for various types of regression analyses (including mixed models and generalized additive models) and then optionally performs stepwise elimination similar to the forward and backward effect selection methods in SAS, based on the change in log-likelihood or its significance, Akaike's Information Criterion, or the Bayesian Information Criterion.

Maintainer: Cesko C. Voeten
Author(s): Cesko C. Voeten [aut, cre]

License: FreeBSD

Uses: lme4, mgcv, plyr, nlme, gamm4, MASS, nnet, pbkrtest, knitr, lmerTest, rmarkdown, glmmTMB, glmertree, JuliaCall

Released 6 months ago.