cOde (0.3)

Automated C Code Generation for 'deSolve', 'bvpSolve' and 'Sundials'.

Generates all necessary C functions allowing the user to work with the compiled-code interface of ode() and bvptwp(). The implementation supports "forcings" and "events". Also provides functions to symbolically compute Jacobians, sensitivity equations and adjoint sensitivities being the basis for sensitivity analysis. Alternatively to 'deSolve', the Sundials 'CVODES' solver is implemented for computation of model sensitivities.

Maintainer: Daniel Kaschek
Author(s): Daniel Kaschek

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Rcpp, deSolve, bvpSolve
Reverse depends: dMod

Released over 2 years ago.