cdcfluview (0.7.0)

Retrieve 'U.S'. Flu Season Data from the 'CDC' 'FluView' Portal.

The 'U.S.' Centers for Disease Control ('CDC') maintains a portal for accessing state, regional and national influenza statistics as well as Mortality Surveillance Data. The web interface makes it difficult and time-consuming to select and retrieve influenza data. Tools are provided to access the data provided by the portal's underlying 'API'.

Maintainer: Bob Rudis
Author(s): Bob Rudis [aut, cre] (0000-0001-5670-2640), Craig McGowan [ctb] (0000-0002-6298-0185)

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: dplyr, httr, jsonlite, MMWRweek, purrr, readr, sf, units, xml2, testthat, covr

Released 11 months ago.